Frequently Asked Questions

Is signing up online the only way that I can sign up for The Big Event?

Yes! We want to make it easier and more accessible than ever for students to sign up for The Big Event, so all of our student sign-ups will be through our Online Student Sign-Ups system.

What are the minimum and maximum number of people I can have in my group?

In order to qualify as a group, you must have a minimum of 2 students signed up to participate. However, there is no maximum for the number of students in any group. We want as many students as possible to be able to say "Thank you" to the community, so the more, the merrier!

Can a non-Texas A&M student sign up for The Big Event?

Unfortunately in accordance with our mission statement, only Texas A&M students, faculty, or staff with a valid Texas A&M NetID and password may be able to participate in The Big Event.

Does my group have to be a recognized student organization in order for us to sign up?

Not at all! While recognized student organizations commonly sign up together for The Big Event, we certainly encourage groups of friends not belonging to any official organization to sign up to serve together in the community!

When is the deadline to sign up for The Big Event?

The student registration period for this year's Big Event is February 1st - 28th. If you have missed this period but would still like to sign up to participate in this year's Big Event, you may do so by signing up on the morning of our event on March 29th 2014!

How do I invite my friends to join my group?

Group leaders will have the opportunity to invite other students to join their group using e-mail invitations, Facebook, or by simply sharing their group's assigned access code with potential group members. Once a part of the group, other students may invite their friends to join as well! Please be careful not to share your group's access code with students who are not authorized to join the group, as anyone with this access code can join your group.

Will I be able to send an invitation e-mail over a listserv?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it! However, if you plan on using the 'Send Invitations for this Group' feature in the 'Invite Your Friends' sidebar, please make sure that "" has permission to send mail to your listserv.

What if I want to join a group, but don't know my group's access code?

If you would like to join a group, but do not know the group access code, you may either contact the group creator directly, or request it by using the appropriate link on the Online Student Sign-Ups homepage.

If I signed up as an individual, can I later change my registration to either create a group or join one?

Students who have signed up as an individual have the opportunity to do either! Students who wish to do this may select the 'View Registration Details' option on the Online Student Sign-Ups homepage to access their account. To create a group, students who have signed up as an individual may select the 'Create Your Own Group' option located in the 'Actions' sidebar. To join a group, students who have signed up as an individual may remove their registration using the 'Undo Registration' option located in the 'Actions' sidebar and sign-up again for The Big Event by joining a pre-existing group.

Can I remove my registration from The Big Event if I find that I am unable to serve on March 29th 2014?

While we highly encourage you to find a way to honor your commitment in signing up to serve the community on March 29th 2014, students do have the option to remove their registration by going to and using the 'Remove Registration' option in the 'Actions' sidebar. If you are a group leader and wish to remove your registration, please use the 'Change Group Leader' feature in the 'Actions' sidebar first, and once another member of your group has assumed leadership responsibilities, follow the above steps to remove your registration. The deadline for students to remove their registration is March 5th, 2014.