Our Mission Statement

Through service-oriented activities, The Big Event promotes campus and community unity as students come together for one day to express their gratitude for the support from the surrounding community.

Submit a Job Request

Job Location Details Please provide the name and location of the job recipient. Please note we cannot serve job sites that are outside of a 25 mile radius from the Texas A&M University Campus.
Job Description Volunteers will serve at the Job Site listed above for 4 hours on the day of The Big Event, March 23. Volunteers are students of Texas A&M and not professionals or members of The Big Event. They are not permitted to use power tools, drive vehicles, or climb higher than 6ft. Please keep this in mind while deciding on what jobs you would like help with. In the event of rain on March 23 that prevents jobs from safely being completed, all jobs that consist of outdoor only activities will be canceled and not rescheduled.

(Por favor, indique el(los) trabajo(s) a ser realizados, y de una descripción específica en el espacio proveido.)
Resident T-Shirts and Yard-signs This year, The Big Event is offering residents the option of purchasing community t-shirts to be worn on the day of March 23. We are also offering the option to buy yard signs to promote the event. The shirts and yard signs cost $15 apiece, and all proceeds go toward our Operating Income. If you are interested in a yard sign please indicate below. Payment will be received from a member of The Big Event at the time of your job approval. Any checks can be made out to The Big Event. If you are interested in ordering a T Shirt a link will be sent out at a later date. If you need assistance ordering a t- shirt, a member of The Big Event can assist you at the time of your job approval.
Agreement I certify that I am the owner or have obtained approval from the owner of the jobsite concerning the above requested improvement. I understand this is only a job request, and all job requests must be approved by The Big Event Committee. Upon approval, I will be contacted by The Big Event to schedule a meeting time for job approval.

(Certifico que soy el dueño o he obtenido aprobacion del dueño del lugar de trabajo, para realizar las mejoras solicitadas. Entiendo que esto es sólo una solicitud y todos los trabajos deben ser aprobados por el comité de The Big Event. Yo será contactado por The Big Event para planificar una cita.)

Due to limited resources, we are only able to accept the first 2,500 jobs submitted before February 4, 2024. Job Request Forms are approved on a first-come, first-serve basis. You will be contacted as soon as possible to have your job checked by a member of The Big Event. NOTE: although your job is checked, we cannot guarantee that your job will be completed on the Day-of. This may happen if your job is considered a "wait list" job. You will be notified if this is the case.